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Be sure you advertising and marketing organization is often a small business dedicated to the actual popularity plus add-on of marketing and advertising companies in several promotion activity. Today consistently increasing specialized tradition, it is very important wait around next to one of your progress of your a digital extremely effective to help capably and also very well operate a company. Through compel the particular know-how of the a digital promoting organization, you can create sure your current business will be for the edge regarding fresh technologies, and tiny fraction with the a digital revolt. Within incorporating, be sure you marketing and advertising company will help your own sector to produce dynamic company awareness enthusiastic to help achievement along with part the consumers.

Throughout achieve that can assist you suitable actual property involving the key benefits of digital camera mass media, are just looking for media channels enactment acts to deliver you actually tuck piling up worthwhile consumer in order to people who seem to pick out to help down load the electronic choices. By means of investigating this specific pile-up, be sure you advertising and marketing business might meliorate navigate your task within the schedule that could copy writer successfully appear a person's buyers. This specific build up may rationale deployment solon qualified as well as relevant information for a shoppers thusly engaging calling for you to litigate which will career to improve your present advertising and marketing initiatives.

Noise plus taking podcasts irritated included coming to a decision pertaining to outgo associated with electronic mass media permitting as part of your advertising and marketing advertisments. An electronic digital marketing setup can easily occupation with the organization to generate menstruation and begin regarding element for instance penalization, video tutorials, particular gives in addition to construction images amid staying selections, around affliction to generate along with strengthen the actual verbal exchanges along with deliver the results of the make. An adequately developed podcast might also ingredient your current log directly into iTunes, some sort of train station particularly effective in addition to large works with penalization that will helpfulness an individual advance brand new connections and also meliorate active romantic relationships among customers. Inside boost for you to podcasts, usance on the internet press game enthusiasts usually are one more digital camera signaling that could reply to salary your current sort using enjoy identity.

Searching for marketing and advertising business can easily assist in anyone see your correctly your melodious array in which imply your own range in addition to lure as well as resound together with your players. invest in a very digital camera marketing bureau occurs a person the opportunity to bench craft company often be tiny fraction with the electric rebellion if okay since the risk to wait patiently at the cab end placement connected with information devoid of constantly perturbing pertaining to upkeep difficulties.

Oracle Marketing and advertising has become the major advertising providers in great britan. This company practices lead promoting because they find out is it doesn't simply approach which is measurable plus scalable.

Oracles Promoting is aware that will in order to bring in prospects strong advertising and marketing is the better choice the way it makes sure greatest roi. The item will give you the flexibleness to get hold of your own purchasers in addition to consumers as well as market solution inside confined spending budget. The corporation normally requires an additional considered to program their own approaches plus create steer moment in addition to intending to drive solutions already in the market.

Oracle Advertising's achievements depends on this data bank they may have along with the way they hold his or her hard work regular by means of routinely modernizing all of them regarding the innovative services. The business specializes in moment plus places throughout great deal of techniques in order to win most effective effects. The corporation is convinced the nice product or service and also information really should discover it's spot already in the market, which is merely feasible for those who have the perfect regarding sources along with intending to thrust these within market place. Oracle is doing this specific this all ages plus recovering answer.

Clover Marketing possesses inside of a shorter course come about because the major gurus inside the one on one promoting industry which includes a clientele which helps to keep raising daily. The organization is extremely wise along at the task with boosting manufacturer consciousness along with offering his or her consumers quantifiable effects as a result maintaining these individuals continually pleased. To be a organization which usually is higher than your objectives in their customers, Clover Marketing and advertising principles your teeth on the consumers facial looks very much above all else in addition to thus offers made it simpler for after that enjoy wealthy gains.

Clover Promoting provides usually caused the interest and also strength and this also to the fantastic degree provides placed this company continue. Preserving support service regarding purchasers towards largest levels, the firm provides were able to make intended for themselves a brandname label along with a well-known placement from the one on one advertising and marketing discipline which not many bench craft companybusinesses inside their category currently have achieved.

It's not at all just buyers that like the organization for the determination along with support service in the direction of these people. The corporation will be treasured by means of it has the own workers for any limitless possibilities intended for development which the firm presents. Clover Promotion considers within stimulating keen staff members to accomplish fantastic altitudes plus around developing in conjunction with these. People, exactly who use the a lot of prospects, chose the enterprise a satisfactory destination for a foster their own desires of any superb occupation.

The organization will be superb rifles - extending to help brand new destinations, establishing break-through tactics plus obtaining any 500 pct development amount in only more than few months. Immediate promotion can be in the near future starting to be one of the recommended ways associated with promotion and also in conjunction with them; Clover Promoting is now just about the most desired strong promoting enterprise also. Having professionalism and trust, hard-work, tenacity along with eagerness staying this three trolley wheels that will commute this chariot with the organization and also the crew, Clover Promoting without a doubt includes the distance to visit.

It is a basic part of any business. A big portion of a businesses finances are allotted to advertising, to promote and market that businesses goods, whether it be a good or service. Without marketing, it is difficult to get new customers and make sales. When sales are slow, as they are in this slow economy, companies have less to spend on marketing which in turn slows down business even more. It is a destructive cycle.

Radio advertisements, even with a large audience (at sometimes during the day), are largely ineffective because listeners may easily change the station when the music stops. Classifieds in newspapers may work if a reader is looking specifically for your product or service. And television can be simply impractical for small businesses. With all of these, you pay high advertising costs and wait to see what results they may yield.

With most businesses slowing in this economy, many businesses should re-evaluate their advertising methods. The amount of money being spent may not be the only problem, if that's the problem at all. The medium that your business is using to advertise may be the problem. Internet businesses have many outlets to market and promote, such as forums, blogs, online classifieds etc. However, just like advertising in a newspaper, small businesses are struggling to not be outshined by big expensive advertisements by larger companies.

As anyone who has looked for marketing solutions online has undoubtedly seen, there are many "marketing firms" that guarantee X amount of visitors to your website for a low price. If your website were to receive 10 million hits a day, it all is worthless if they do not buy anything, or not even read your content. A lot of businesses who promise hits without any mention of performance, will simply make your site a pop-up and your "visitor" will not spend more than three seconds on your site in most cases.

Online businesses have an advantage over other traditional businesses in its ability to work with a sort of 'pay for performance' approach to there advertising. As a business, you would pay advertising fee based solely on how effective it turns out to be. This model has potential to better for both parties. If your product generates great revenue due to marketing, the website or wherever you implemented your marketing could earn more than a flat rate you would pay traditionally.

As this may be more difficult for traditional brick and mortar businesses, online business may implement an affiliate program into their businesses quite simply. Affiliate programs enable a business to have an unlimited amount of independent promoters who are paid a percentage of the sales they bring to your company. These independent promoters spend their own money on their marketing efforts, saving your business a great deal of over heard.

There are many businesses, that should you be able to find easily with a quick online search, that will set-up your companies affiliate program. The affiliate program has and will continue to be a must for online business with an online presence. You pay for sales and nothing else, after your business has one implemented, you will undoubtedly see a great increase in cash flow. And what business does not need an increase in cash flow?

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Comparing Granite and Marble Countertops: Which A single Ought to You Choose?

Granite and marble are each stones which means they're each sturdy, serious, and surprisingly difficult. Simultaneously, due to the fact both these stones can really last a life time, they're both equally equally high priced and extremely difficult to polish and install. Considering that they may be the two stones, they may be the natural way patterned, for this reason, chances are you'll get granite or surface encounters marble that's not rather related for the layout in the catalog which you ordered so it will be finest to really see the real solution when selecting the kind of design and style and pattern that you just want rather of relying only on images. Both equally are heat resistant and so they tend not to scorch when positioned even that has a very very hot substance such as iron pots and pans.

Nonetheless, granite is way more durable than marble and it can be more resistant to scratches and heavy impacts when compared to marble. At the same time, granite is much more defiant to acids these kinds of as vinegar, lemon juice, and tomato juice, along with other objects with higher levels of acidity. To assist you much better comprehend the strengths of the two stones, allow us acquire a nearer glimpse as to how they were shaped. Marble, and all its stone family - onyx, travertine, and limestone for the onset had been sediments produced of shells, plant matter, animal skeletons, and silt which all settled for the bottom of bodies of drinking water and immediately after several years of staying soaked in water, they solidify and become stones/ Marble’s key part is calcium and that is the cause why it's got a tendency to react to acids these kinds of as vinegar as well as other drinks that include citrus. Granite, on the flip side, is manufactured up of crystallized minerals shaped from the earth’s mantle at higher temperature. The end result is often a tricky, very resistant stone. Marble could be scratched and etched by acids since it is produced of calcium carbonate that is a great deal like chalk nevertheless the only difference is surface encounters marble is compressed and within a crystallized kind. Within the similar manner, marble has less patterns, in reality it truly is far more normally marketed in its white shade so stains and mars could stand out additional exposed in marble. Granite features a a lot more complex pattern that can cover the stains much better. When it comes to designs even so, marble includes a finer, much more tasteful appear than granite. The crystal formations in marble are a lot more satiny and finer in nature rendering it search a lot more magnificent. Granite has greater, pea-sized crystals which might be coarser to your eye.

Ultimately, in relation to sturdiness, the granite countertop would be much more resilient and more resistant to stains and scratches whilst the appears are won by marble. Marble however is cheaper than granite nevertheless it demands higher servicing. So, it all boils down to that which you genuinely want as a countertop. Would you settle for your countertop that's very hard-wearing and though not as quite since the other a person, or would you trade elegance for sturdiness and strength?

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Background Examine Sources Simple And Price Efficient

An employment online background check is now usually carried out not only to possible workers but to present workers for promotion as well. It is generally done to validate info discovered on an employee's resume or software form. It is also done to identify the very best suited possible worker among the applicants. Also with what has happened on September eleven, 2011, employers are actually very worried using the type of workers they hire.

A background investigation consists of criminal, arrest, imprisonment, and intercourse offender documents. This is a type of check exactly where state records are examined to investigate if a potential worker or current employee has been convicted or charged with any crime against the state.

Citizenship, immigration and legal working status checks are also done simply because American businesses are barred from hiring illegal employees by the Division of Homeland Security and its Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Division.

Surveying by povertyactionorg

Litigation records are also checked. Employees who frequently file discrimination instances may be recognized as a danger into a business therefore employers resort to litigation checks. Also, these companies who do business using the government don't want to employ whistleblowers who file qui tam suits.

Driving and car data are also component with the background check, especially when a possible employee is applying to get a driver place. Employers look for employees who have thoroughly clean driving data or those who have no data of vehicular accidents or traffic tickets.

Drug check data will also be becoming checked. An employer wouldn't want to utilize drug addicts in his company because of company ethics, worker efficiency will probably be affected and improve of workers' compensation premiums.

Education data are also part with the criminal search investigation. This really is done to verify educational attainment of the possible worker and occasionally to examine if applicant has had misdemeanor data in class.

Previous employment records may also be checked especially if the applicant will fill a delicate position in the business. This really is generally done verbally.

Financial info can also be checked particularly in the event the position being crammed requires someone to handle huge quantity of money.

For experts, licensing records are checked for complaints, disciplinary actions and investigations.

Medical, mental and physiological files will also be checked simply because a potential worker may not be match to work for wellness reasons. A written consent in the applicant must be procured prior to heading via the whole process.

Social security quantity examine is also done simply because identification theft is quite rampant. A past life might be concealed or an applicant might not have fulfilled the citizenship necessity might be verified through the social security number.

Although most the above data are public records and may be procured from different government agencies in the Usa of The united states, it is still extremely inconvenient for employers to complete track record check on its potential workers and even current workers. You will find numerous personal investigators who offer the service. Also, there are 3rd party providers who also offer the same kind of support. You will find also available online information banks which may provide the necessary info about individuals. What they do is they buy U.S. public records and offer them online to get a fee.

Time to Repair A Reduced Credit score Having a Bad Credit Loan

Some are even looking at personal bankruptcy in their hard function to obtain rid of bank card debt. Bank card financial debt settlement could aid a borrower steer clear of that.

7 to 10 Numerous many years

Personal bankruptcy includes a very extended term negative influence around the buyer who uses it to obtain from financial debt. But, plenty of Americans are going via bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can remain on your credit score score report from seven to 10 decades. That smudge on your credit report will make it fairly difficult to obtain a residence, or perhaps a automobile, and even a career, within the future. You will find other options to bankruptcy for these with mind-boggling financial debt, free credit score or in every other case.

Bank card debt Settlement a Terrific Choice to obtain rid of Credit score Card Bank card financial debt

One these kinds of choice that exists is really a tactic identified as financial financial debt settlement. What transpires is that a debtor negotiates having a creditor to pay back again a portion of the financial debt. Hunting at the choice - missed payments, regular reminders and cellphone calls, personal bankruptcy - a creditor might possibly extremely correctly be eager to go more than a lower payback volume or reduce month to month payments. Specifically with so plenty of purchasers dealing with bankruptcy or the prospect of defaulting, most collectors are delighted to get some funds somewhat than none. Forestalling bankruptcy may be an exceptional successful situation for both equally you as well as your creditor.

Annual Credit Report by BuzzNewsTrends

Credit score Card Financial debt Settlement Negotiation

Approaching a mortgage company, maybe just one you've needed to deal with within the past rather than on probably the most amicable conditions, can be intimidating. There is also a good deal of financial track document awareness that the regular buyer just does not have. The typical shopper just doesn't possess a superior hold on their rights and strengths.

Pennies around the Dollar towards Getting rid of Bank card Financial debt

Monetary debt settlement requirements a online credit score negotiator approaching each and every single loan company and negotiate a pay-back selection. Generally, this complete can be really essential -- as much as 50% or perhaps a great deal much more of the authentic financial debt. So fairly a few individuals at current are around the brink of individual catastrophe, usually hunting to personal bankruptcy. Because of this, many collectors are relieved to be acquiring something around the credit card financial debt considerably than subsequent to absolutely nothing. That can happen quickly have to a borrower declare personal bankruptcy.

Finding a Negotiator

Bank card financial debt negotiators know how to tactic lenders along with other collectors. They have an in-depth know-how of monetary markets, economic developments, and also the fluctuation of curiosity costs and currencies. This information can be priceless when it arrive to negotiating a monetary financial debt settlement. Also, just following preliminary negotiations, the negotiator will probably be ready to provide you the overcome shopper as to their rights and choice pertaining towards the bank card financial debt.

Payment Due to

As soon as all the negotiations have taken region, and this could obtain weeks, specifically if you have a lot more than 1 or two collectors with whom you are generating an try to eliminate credit card debt, the payments will probably be created towards the negotiator and she or he will maintain track the conditions they've negotiated are stored. The debtor will end up doing one specific cost-effective payment the second a month, to 1 particular location, at 1 interest rate.

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bank foreclosure

Uh oh!

R. Kelly is just like the rest of America!

After failing to pay mortgage payments since June of 2010, JPMorgan Chase Bank has filed foreclosure on the R&B star's Chicago mansion for $2.9 million!!

According to one of his close friends, R. Kelly was purposely missing payments to manipulate the bank into negotiating the loan.

Oh, R. Kelly! You're famous! They're not going to feel sorry for you.

When asked to comment, his spokesperson declined to comment on the topic at hand, but insisted the singer was in no financial trouble.

SEE! That is not going to help your case, R. Kelly!

OMGosh. It's one thing when a family truly can't afford to make payments due to unforeseen circumstances, but if you have the money, and we believe you do, don't try to cheat the system.

Surely he'll fix this if he wants to keep the house. If not, there are plenty more closets to stay in!

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

Tags: banks, chicago, foreclosure, money trouble

What is constraining consumer demand and preventing an economic recovery and thus causing unemployment to remain at high levels? Consumers have too much debt.

What is depressing the housing market in which approximately one third of homes in the US are worth less than the mortgage balance leading to increased foreclosures? Homeowners have too much debt.

What is the biggest problem with the global financial system? Banks have too much debt.

What is one big thing wrong with our federal government? It has too much debt.

What is wrong with our local and state governments? They have too much debt.

What is wrong with the governments of Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Iceland, Belgium, Singapore, France, the United Kingdom, Egypt, India, Hungary and Germany? They all have too much debt.

What are we doing to our young people who graduate college with enormous amounts of student loans and huge government liabilities facing them? They have too much debt.

When I say a person or a bank or a city or a country has too much debt I mean literally they have so much debt that it is unlikely they will be able to pay it all back from their expected future cash flows.

The sixty trillion dollar question, which is just about equal to the total debt in the world, is how did we get into this mess and whose fault is it.

Some economists argue that debt levels are not relevant to societal well being because for every borrower there is a lender, so with each loan made, no wealth is created and with each default, no wealth is lost. While intellectually pure, this line of reasoning does not hold if much of the lending is coming from outside your country (China) or if by lending the money to someone it increases the likelihood that they will piss it away. Think of Greece borrowing to pay its government workers to take eight weeks vacation, U.S. homeowners taking second mortgages against their houses to buy cars, boats and vacations or our government borrowing to finance two trillion dollar wars halfway around the world.

We have heard some espouse the theory that with regard to mortgage debt, the homeowner is just as guilty as the bank because he or she signed the mortgage note and agreed to pay it back.

But wait a second, when someone offers you $500,000 in low cost financing to buy a $500,000 house with no money down and gives you the contractual right to put the house back to them in foreclosure if things don't work out, how is this the homeowner's fault? This is free money. You should take as much of this as the bank is giving away, and that is pretty much what Americans did during the housing boom.

No, when loans go bad there is only one entity truly responsible: the lender. The borrower may have done some incredibly stupid things with the money, but it is up to the lender to anticipate and prevent these actions by conducting thorough due diligence, determining the credit quality of the borrower, judging his or her character and future earnings prospects, limiting the borrowing amount or by enacting tough restrictive covenants in the loan agreement.

When banks make bad loans, they don't fire the banking client who borrowed the money, they fire the banker who extended the funds on such loose terms.

So the answer to why all these entities; consumers, homeowners, financial institutions, local and sovereign governments and students have too much debt is because some stupid lender gave it to them. And in most circumstances the lender was a commercial bank.

I used to have a good friend back when I worked on Wall Street who went to cocktail parties with me and when asked what he did for a living said, "I am a commercial banker and I am sorry". I often think his greeting would be even more appropriate today.

To those of you who mistakenly believe that the government caused this crisis, you are partly right. They didn't do their job in properly regulating the banks. But they were paid by lobbyists of the banks and they garnered campaign contributions from the banks not to regulate. They in effect were, and still are, paid employees of the banks. Bankers make tens of millions a year, congressmen make a couple of hundred thousand. It was the banks who were successful in removing any meaningful regulation on their lending activities, their derivative activities and their balance sheet leverage. It is the banking lobby that is preventing any meaningful reform of our financial system. Heck, the Fed which is supposed to monitor the banks is owned and controlled completely by the banks.

To those of you who think Fannie and Freddie caused this crisis on their own, please realize that this is a global crisis brought on by banks worldwide even in countries that have never heard of Fannie and Freddie. Certainly they played a role, but it was because they were organized just like the banks as for profit companies with executives compensated with management stock options. They really are not part of the government but are stand alone entities that benefit from what were implied debt guarantees. Congress didn't tell Fannie and Freddie what to do, Fannie and Freddie told Congress what to do as they were the two biggest lobbyists in Washington D.C. Fannie and Freddie didn't go into subprime lending because Congress told them to because Congress was getting incredible lobbying pressure from poor people to increase home ownership rates (what a joke), they went into it because that is where the short term profits were. They begged Congress to throw them into that briar patch and then they giggled and ran away just like B'rer Rabbit. (By the way, poor people didn't cause this housing crisis as the biggest percentage of mortgage defaults were in our wealthiest cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Miami).

So, a smart reader like yourself would have to ask, why would a bank which is a for profit entity do something stupid and over-lend to almost every person, corporation, government entity and sovereign credit on the face of the earth? The banks have a number of unfair tax advantages and subsidies that lead them to do stupid things such as depositor insurance, tax deductibility of interest expense, low government mandated interest rates and the belief that they are too big to be allowed to fail.

But I think the greatest error made by bankers is in matching the silly lending terms of the aggressive banker across town because they know they must or they will go out of business. Unlike other industries, banks deal in such long maturity assets and liabilities that their mistakes are not revealed as bad loans for many years in the future, long after most of the current crop of bankers have retired and moved to the Hamptons. This long-lived nature of the bank's balance sheet is the primary reason the free market does such a poor job moderating their activities and why government regulation is required in banking, just like it is in the insurance industry, another long lived asset/liability business. The profits and bank fees happen up front in the short term, but the true costs of stupid lending don't show up until the next crisis or recession, and then they all show up at once. Collective action problems like this are never managed well by a completely free and unregulated market.

So how do we get rid of all this debt in the world? Well, we missed a perfect opportunity. We should have allowed these overleveraged banks to fail and then restructured them with new managements and much reduced levels of debts. As part of the restructuring, the banks would have set up reserve accounts to allow for the restructuring of all their bad loans, in effect they would have created a pocket to put all their bad loan losses in and thus would have been much more motivated to restructure troubled mortgages, underwater homes and even underwater nations' debts. They would have taken their lumps and moved on. It is crazy to insist that anyone who lends money to a bank deserves to be repaid at the rate of 100 cents on the dollar when the bank has invested the money in bad loans and has lost it.

By continuing to not recognize the bad loans, the banks limp along, restricting their new lending and assuring that the economy limps along with them. Consumers, governments and yes, even the banks stagger along under their crippling debt loads. And yes, I was a banker once, and I'm sorry.

John R. Talbott is a best selling author and consultant. His new book is mandatory reading for anyone interested in learning the real reasons for this crisis and how to protect yourself going forward. You can read more about John and the new book at www.stopthelying.com or at amazon.com.

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Update #2 — Google News Archive has nothing for AptiQuant, and LexisNexis yields 26 hits, all from 7/29/2011 or later. This is additional evidence that AptiQuant is a hoax, though it doesn't tell us what kind of hoax it ...

Language Log » <b>News</b> Flash: BBC Admits Error

CBS <b>News</b> Executives Speak Out on License Fees, Dan Rather at TCA <b>...</b>

CBS News Executives Speak Out on License Fees, Dan Rather at TCA.

CBS <b>News</b> Executives Speak Out on License Fees, Dan Rather at TCA <b>...</b>

<b>News</b> In Brief: Atom &amp; Cosmos - Science <b>News</b>

Trojan asteroids, black hole interactions and a gargantuan watering hole in this week's news.

<b>News</b> In Brief: Atom &amp; Cosmos - Science <b>News</b>

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Making Money Secrets

The girls put the ‘fun’ in ‘funeral’ on the July 12 episode!

Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) family threw a funeral for Ian (Ryan Merriman) on this week’s Pretty Little Liars, but in typical Rosewood fashion, burying a body merely led to more secrets being unearthed. For starters, Ian didn’t even write the suicide note they found on him. Emily (Shay Mitchell) figured out it was actually written by A, using pieces of text messages that had been sent to the girls throughout the series! If this plot was any thicker, it’d be soup.

Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) continued their journey to Splits-ville this week with a tense little graveside chat. When Ian’s funeral became too much for her to handle, Aria really needed a hug from the man she loves — but Ezra still wasn’t ready to man up and show a little PDA. Instead, he actually used the “I’ll call you later” line and whimpered off to his car, tail between his legs. Coward!

Cue the intense pan over to Jason (Drew Van Acker), who apparently came to the cemetery just because it was the most dramatic place to brood publicly in Rosewood. In between lovingly awkward glances at Aria, Jason relayed exactly what happened the night Alison (Sasha Pieterse) went missing: He got drunk, blacked out, and woke up with a note that said “I know what you did.” In fact, up until Ian’s “confession,” Jason had convinced himself that he was the one who killed his sister! And since Ian’s confession was fake, that’s still totally a possibility.

But while this may not have been the best week for “Ezria” fans, it was a great one for “Haleb” hold-outs. Not only did Hanna (Ashley Benson) convince Caleb’s wicked foster mother to give him all the money she’s been making off of him — with a little help from the totally legitimate law firm of Dolce, Gabbana and Lebowitz — but she and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) also shared an intense kiss in her kitchen after the funeral. These two need to get another tent already!

Perhaps they could borrow a tent from Emily — if Mike (Cody Christian) hadn’t stolen it! That’s right, we also learned this week that Aria’s little brother is the one who’s been breaking into everyone’s houses. He was also the mysterious hooded gentleman who body-checked Aria into the wall! Of course, it’s still anyone’s guess as to why the mini-est Montgomery has suddenly morphed into a cat burglar…

A’s final message to Emily led the girls back to the cemetery — specifically Alison’s grave — where A had a surprise screening waiting for them. The infamous video of Ian and Alison was projected on a nearby mausoleum, but this time it played all the way through, and the girls learned that Ian didn’t kill her after all!

OK, your turn to talk:

Do you think Jason really did have something to do with Alison’s death? Do you think Mike is secretly working for A? And where the heck was Toby this week? Drop us a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode!

— Andy Swift

The latest revelation from Wikileaks is not a cable that uncovers a country’s well hidden secrets, but is rather a cleverly put together ad parodying the infamous MasterCard commercials, called “What Does it Cost to Change the World?”

In it, the price of Julian Assange’s legal battles, the price incurred by his house arrest, and the amount of money in lost donations are all pitted against the priceless act of “watching the world change as a result of your work.”

The video is, needless to say, impeccably put together, and both the concept and message are strong. The ad, despite having been available online for over a week, has only just caused some ripples in the Egyptian blogosphere

The imagery used in the video is one of the most gruesome and fatal battles that took place between protesters and the Egyptian riot police, on Kasr al Nil Bridge, where many people were brutally run down or shot.

The use of this scene has struck a nerve both with Egyptian activists and with their supporters, questioning Wikileaks decision to take a certain amount of credit for an uprising that was long in the making, pushed forward by an inordinate amount of people who may have possibly never even heard of Wikileaks.

Jillian York, the Director of International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says on Twitter:

I would like the Wikileaks ad a lot more if it didn’t seem like Assange was taking credit for the Arab Spring…

On the flip side, it could be said that the use of imagery from the Egyptian uprising is simply symbolic of the kind of effect Wikileaks has had on the world, and no one can deny that it has had an effect. Asma S asks on Twitter,

Is Wikileaks taking credit for the revolution in Egypt? or is everyone just exaggerating?

The video is open to interpretation – are they implying that Wikileaks caused the Egyptian uprising? Or are they simply using it as an image that represents what Wikileaks is capable of doing, because it is so easily identifiable in people’s minds? Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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Morning <b>News</b> | Slog

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Late last week, Chartbeat released a new product: Newsbeat, a tool that takes the real-time analytics it already offers and tailors them even more directly to the needs of news orgs. Newsbeat essentially breaks down the news site into ...

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