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Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant faces 2nd lawsuit, for $615K

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant faces a second lawsuit claiming he didn't pay for jewelry and game tickets and didn't repay loans.

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Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen: Green <b>News</b> Report: March 29, 2011 <b>...</b>

IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): UN report: Cities ignore climate change at their peril; Study: Freshwater Content of Upper Arctic Ocean Increased since 1990; China 'to overtake US on science' in two years; ...

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<b>News</b> Effects | HiLobrow

News videographer Dan Chung's footage of the tsunami devastation is moving, literally and morally. Shot on assignment for the Guardian, the work has attracted a good deal of attention—and no small amount of criticism, ...

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With the company’s future already clouded by Steve Jobs’ latest medical leave, the possibility of the iPad’s chief designer, Jonathan Ive, cashing out ups the uncertainty, Dan Lyons writes.

Is Apple losing its design guru?

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced in January that he would take a third medical leave, the biggest concern was the cloud of uncertainty that hovered over the company. Now that uncertainty has become an issue again, as rumors have started swirling that Apple might lose its chief designer, Jonathan Ive. 

Apple's head designer Jonathan Ive poses for a portrait on January 27, 2010 in Cupertino, California. (Photo by Paul Harris / Newscom)

Reports in Ive’s native England suggest that the man who oversaw the design of the iPhone and iPad wants to spend more time in the U.K., putting him at odds with Apple’s board enough that he would consider leaving the company. Although Ive and Apple won’t comment, the scenario is plausible for two reasons: First, Ive is about to cash in options valued at $30 million that he was granted in 2008; and second, Ive has an especially close relationship with Jobs. 

Whether Ive stays or goes, the brouhaha shows the challenges that Apple is increasingly likely to face given the questions about Jobs’ role in the coming months. One scenario being bandied about by Apple-watchers suggests Ive is making a power play to succeed Jobs; it seems just as likely, however, that he simply may not want to work at Apple if Jobs isn’t there. 

Still others think the entire notion that Ive might leave is completely unfounded. But either way, the whole incident shows how the Jobs health situation is bringing more drama to a company that, until now, has been a model of tight-lipped discipline.

Apple’s products are famous for their sleek designs, and conventional wisdom holds that losing Ive would be a terrible blow to Apple—“Apple’s worst nightmare,” Britain’s Guardian called it. But the truth is, losing Ive may not be as big a deal as some Apple watchers think.

For one thing, Apple has loads of bench strength in every department, and because of its success it can attract just about anyone it wants.

“How much of this is Steve, how much is Jon, how much someone else? Steve always had an eye for design. The designer is only as good as the client,” says Jean-Louis Gassée.

For another, the real genius behind Apple’s designs might not be Ive—but rather Jobs.

That’s the educated guess of Jean-Louis Gassée, a former top executive at Apple and a longtime close watcher of the company who still has many connections there.

Gassée points out that Ive was already working at Apple when Jobs returned to the company in 1996. Ive joined the company in 1992, when Jobs was gone from the company, having been ousted by the board in 1985.

And before Jobs returned to Apple, Ive wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire. The first products that Ive designed under Jobs were the “Bondi Blue” iMac and the somewhat ugly iBook. Ive’s next products, the "desk lamp" Mac and the early metal laptops, were better looking, Gassée says.

I read an interesting article this morning that suggested Apple would change its mind and put Adobe’s Flash technology on its iOS devices within a year. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

In an open letter to users, Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave several reasons why he didn’t want Flash on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. They are: Flash isn’t open; the full web; reliability, security and performance; battery life; and touch.

Adobe began shipping Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile last June, but even Laptop magazine admitted that “Steve Jobs was right,” and that “Adobe’s offering seems like it’s too little, too late.” Granted, that report was from six months ago, but it still doesn’t bode well for the technology.

There is no doubt that Adobe is making advances with Flash on mobile devices, but I don’t believe future changes will be enough to get Apple to adopt the technology.

Jobs has been very clear that Apple supports HTML5, an open technology that is controlled by a standards committee, not one company. By building support for that technology into Webkit, Apple is ensuring that mobile Web browsers will be able to access what we’ve come to know as the “full web.”

Webkit is used by Google, Palm, Nokia and RIM, so it has a pretty solid base.

One of the arguments often bantered about when the discussion of the “full Web” comes up is video. There is no doubt that Flash made huge strides over the years in having sites like YouTube encode their videos in Flash. But that’s for the desktop.

As Jobs points out, almost all of this video is also available in H.264 format (a format Flash also supports), so it’s viewable on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

“Add to this video from Vimeo, Netflix, Facebook, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ESPN, NPR, Time, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, People, National Geographic, and many, many others. iPhone, iPod and iPad users aren’t missing much video,” wrote Jobs.

You may ask why other companies adopted Flash for their mobile devices when Apple won’t. That’s easy, they are looking for something they have that Apple doesn’t. Considering how hard it is for tablet makers to compete with Apple, any perceived advantage will work.

I’m not an Adobe hater—I know quite a few people that work at Adobe and I think they’ve done some amazing things over the years. Flash for mobile devices isn’t one of them.

Chris Dawson said he gives “Apple a year until they cave [and adopt Flash]. Android tablets will just be too cool and too useful for both entertainment and enterprise applications if they don’t.”

I have been using my iPhone for years and my iPad for one year. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to a Web site that wouldn’t load because I didn’t have Flash installed. I can load videos from YouTube and a host of other sites too, no problem.

Apple has sold more than 160 million iOS devices and there are no screaming, angry hordes of users breaking down the doors at 1 Infinite Loop demanding Flash on their devices.

In order for Apple to change its mind and adopt Flash, the technology has to be proven to be indispensable and that it will benefit its users. Apple has proven just the opposite is true.

Editor’s Note: Jim Dalrymple has been writing about Apple for more than 15 years. You can follow him on Twitter @jdalrymple and on his Web site at The Loop.

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Ask yourself, what are my company’s core capabilities? If your answer is simply, restating the product you sell, you are most likely incoherent. The coherence premium is a high level strategy used by some of the largest (and most profitable) corporations in America. Companies that are “coherent” can define 3-6 capabilities internally that differentiate them within their industry, build a deep workable strategy focused on “winning,” and develop product portfolio based around their capabilities.

What makes the coherence premium such an interesting topic? The fact that companies who are “coherent” are healthier, more profitable and better set up for long-term growth. Coca-Cola, a poster child for coherence, (almost 100 on the Coherence Capabilities Score) sees on average 20% higher earnings before interest and taxes than profiled companies with a Coherence Capabilities Score of less than 20.

Take Wal-Mart for instance, they’ve aligned all of their capabilities:

  • Aggressive vendor management

  • Expert point-of-sale data analytics

  • Superior logistics

  • Rigorous working capital management

Simple, but to the point, Wal-Mart understands their internal capabilities, which stretch from logistics all the way to IT. Capabilities should be specific enough that they exact a point of where you stop competing and start excelling your industry. A more thorough example of a capability would be, “A company’s ability to use customer-data mining to develop new products.”


  1. Strengthens a Companies Competitive Advantage

  2. Companies are Better Prepared For The Future

  3. Produces Efficiencies of Scale

  4. Aligns Strategic Intent and Day-To-Day Decision Making


1. Ways to Play- learn how your company provides value and the way you will face the market.

  • Are we investing capabilities that matter to the way we play?

  • Are we clear about the way we choose to create value in the marketplace?

2. Capabilities System -determine your 3-6 core capabilities.

  • Have we defined how these capabilities work with our system?

  • Do all of our businesses draw upon this superior system?

3. Build a Strategy For a Balanced Portfolio – Build your future growth and product initiates to maximize your core capabilities.

  • Have we found our product and service “sweet spot”

  • Are new products and acquisitions determined on the way the fit within our capabilities system?

Understanding your core capabilities and becoming coherent is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. Your capabilities should be assessed with a healthy mix of both internal and external information and careful thought. All of this is worth the hassle; coherent companies consistently reap more profits, are better prepped for the future and place themselves atop their industries by innovating.

Ask yourself, what are my company’s core capabilities? If your answer is simply, restating the product you sell, you are most likely incoherent. The coherence premium is a high level strategy used by some of the largest (and most profitable) corporations in America. Companies that are “coherent” can define 3-6 capabilities internally that differentiate them within their industry, build a deep workable strategy focused on “winning,” and develop product portfolio based around their capabilities.

What makes the coherence premium such an interesting topic? The fact that companies who are “coherent” are healthier, more profitable and better set up for long-term growth. Coca-Cola, a poster child for coherence, (almost 100 on the Coherence Capabilities Score) sees on average 20% higher earnings before interest and taxes than profiled companies with a Coherence Capabilities Score of less than 20.

Take Wal-Mart for instance, they’ve aligned all of their capabilities:

  • Aggressive vendor management

  • Expert point-of-sale data analytics

  • Superior logistics

  • Rigorous working capital management

Simple, but to the point, Wal-Mart understands their internal capabilities, which stretch from logistics all the way to IT. Capabilities should be specific enough that they exact a point of where you stop competing and start excelling your industry. A more thorough example of a capability would be, “A company’s ability to use customer-data mining to develop new products.”


  1. Strengthens a Companies Competitive Advantage

  2. Companies are Better Prepared For The Future

  3. Produces Efficiencies of Scale

  4. Aligns Strategic Intent and Day-To-Day Decision Making


1. Ways to Play- learn how your company provides value and the way you will face the market.

  • Are we investing capabilities that matter to the way we play?

  • Are we clear about the way we choose to create value in the marketplace?

2. Capabilities System -determine your 3-6 core capabilities.

  • Have we defined how these capabilities work with our system?

  • Do all of our businesses draw upon this superior system?

3. Build a Strategy For a Balanced Portfolio – Build your future growth and product initiates to maximize your core capabilities.

  • Have we found our product and service “sweet spot”

  • Are new products and acquisitions determined on the way the fit within our capabilities system?

Understanding your core capabilities and becoming coherent is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. Your capabilities should be assessed with a healthy mix of both internal and external information and careful thought. All of this is worth the hassle; coherent companies consistently reap more profits, are better prepped for the future and place themselves atop their industries by innovating.

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Small Business <b>News</b>: Social Media Brand

What is your social media brand? Do you have one? Sure, many small business owners and entreprene...

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Heavy Fire Afghanistan coming to Kinect Xbox 360 <b>News</b> - Page 1 <b>...</b>

Read our Xbox 360 news of Heavy Fire Afghanistan coming to Kinect.

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Making Money Advertising

White-hot microblogging startup Twitter has no plans to take the company public anytime soon and is not looking for outside funding right now, co-founder Biz Stone reportedly told Reuters at a business forum in Seoul today.

“We have so many other things before we even think about that,” said Stone (pictured). “We are not even discussing it internally. It’s too far off.”

Stone also put the kibosh on a story in the Financial Times earlier this week that the company is in talks with banking behemoth JPMorgan Chase & Co. to sell 10 percent of Twitter for an estimated $450 million.

Stone said the story was “made up” and that the company is currently making money and won’t be shopping around for supplemental funds for at least a year.

“We make money. We earn money from a suite of products … We have promoted tweets … promoted accounts, all of which are in our advertising mechanism,” said Stone. ”We are just really getting started. We have some internal forecasts [for advertising revenue for 2011], but nothing is really shared right now. We don’t need to set the world record or anything like that.”

Investors looking to get a piece of Twitter’s international buzz pre-IPO have been pouring money into the startup for the past year.

Last month, Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen’s venture capital firm invested $80 million in Twitter via the secondary markets, while in December Twitter nabbed $200 million in a deal that valued the company at $3.7 billion.

The money at stake is significant.

Industry tracker eMarketer said in January that Twitter likely generated an estimated $45 million from advertising in 2010 and could generate about $150 million this year. The startup does not disclose its financial information.

The possibility of getting in early on a company that will possibly be one of the most anticipated IPOs ever has had plenty of investors looking to snap up shares of the Twitter on the secondary markets, where early investors and employees can sell off their stock in companies.

That trend has continued across the industry, as the darlings of Silicon Valley like gaming company Zynga and social network Facebook have watched investors grab chunks of their companies before going public.

The practice had become so prevalent that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said in December it was “investigating” how groups of investors were buying stock via the secondary markets — especially for tech firms.

San Francisco-based Twitter was created in 2006 and currently employs about 350 people.

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American Apparel “Shake Down” Continues: Internet Smear Campaign <b>...</b>

According to the Daily News, Irene Morales' suit says that Charney “forced her to go down on her knees just inside the front door and perform fellatio upon him,” and “[s]he was then, to all intents and purposes, held prisoner in the ...

Key 2008 Aide Back with Romney - FoxNews.com

Mitt Romney's Free and Strong America PAC announced Monday that his chief domestic adviser in his 2008 presidential bid has returned to join his PAC as policy director, another apparent building block for Romney's likely entry in the ...

How to create a Facebook <b>news</b> feed for a journalist (or anything <b>...</b>

I've been enjoying The Independent's individual Facebook feeds for journalists, football teams and other 'entities' of their news coverage. So much so that.

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Search engine optimization Vancouver For any Better Marketing Solution


When you start your personal website there are many ways you'll have to sell it off and something the best way is by using Search engine optimization Vancouver if you happen to maintain that area. The SEO or search engine optimization services would be the top way of getting more traffic to your website and therefore making more sales.


Now, you should know that you won't use SEO service if you are not an online business - but then again, if you don't come with an online presence if you are an offline business, then you will not make it very far.


It is a popular proven fact that if you are planning to make it within the offline world you must have an online business. This really is something which all people are learning the hard way. One thing that you should also know is that it's not as simple as just establishing the website and leaving it to complete its things.


This can be done in most types of ways, but these companies usually make use of multiple methods to create the perfect marketing technique online. You will be able to employ them to write articles for you, post on forums and blogs, create meta data and meta descriptions, clean up the code, add alt tags to the images plus much more.


It is crucial that you simply do this because otherwise the organization that you have worked so difficult for could end up losing all the money. When you have a website that you want to create, then you'll also use the services of a search engine optimization company, which means seo company. What this company does is actually go ahead and take best areas of your site, check the code, create keywords and write various articles and documents to ensure your site is placed close to the top of the list for the major search engines like google.

Seo hyderabad Target by maxwintek seo

As a result the SEO company can not only increase your traffic, but additionally ensure that your website is fully optimized for that internet search engine spiders that'll be brought to it. These spiders are utilized to analyze your website and put it in certain positions determined on certain keywords.


If you want to make use of the Search engine optimization Vancouver then all you've got to complete is find the top companies. It's through these that the SEO gets done effectively and efficiently. With so many SEO companies to choose from you need to be sure that the main one you are going for is reliable. You should be in a position to request a breakdown of what you want, and also the company should also be able to tell you know long they've been operating for. This will limit the list to reveal the top ones.


SEO Services Offered by Different Vancouver Web Companies

The Vancouver SEO company services are extremely good for business growth because they provide quality services. If you are planning to create a website for your internet business, then you've arrived at right article when i will be explaining below how Web optimization Vancouver company services can increase your website ranking making it popular.

SEO Firm by jchain814

Before that, you need to know what Search Engine Optimization is. It's not that complicated and I'm sure you will get a grasp from it reading my article. The primary goal of SEO is to get more traffic to your website and target audience. It's a good decision to select a Vancouver SEO company that are experts in this sort of work, which means that your website could be listed in search engines like google.

There is no point in you using a website with no website ranking at all as you won't have any business and profits to outlive. It is a very tough atmosphere available as there are so many online business people just like you, who desire their share of pie. You have to be aware of the truth that nearly 85% of online traffic could be got from web sites.

Whenever a user types inside a keyword or keywords for which he/she really wants to know in various sites, these use crawlers to get web-sites with the relevant content and index them according to algorithms. It's not necessary to worry about the algorithms which these websites use as that isn't important.

To appear within the first page of the search result, you will need to hire professionals and experts who can do the needful to keep your website one of the good books during these websites. These professionals can optimize your site content to ensure that your website gets more traffic.

Once the traffic gets high, it's a sign that you are getting a service that will get you more revenues. SEO Vancouver company do the next to make your site appear within the first page of search results.

Use keywords that are popularly used on search engines in your website content.
Have a web design for the website that is simple because top sites are allergic to flash and weird designs.
Submit your website to directories.
Submit your site to directory websites.
Postings on blogs and forums with back links for your websites. This is regarded as a very effective way to get more traffic aimed at your website as many internet users use blogs and forums.

SEO Vancouver company also perform site diagnostics which is a significant part in online optimization as research and analysis on finding keywords may be the method to begin a SEO campaign. So, make sure you select the right SEO Vancouver company.

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What to anticipate Whenever Getting a Roofing Contractors

When the time comes to correct or even replace your roof, it can be a daunting task to locate somebody that is competent to do the job. There are many roofing companies available, but the ones who'll do a great job for any sensible price are not frequently simple to find. If you're in the market for the service provider, make use of the ideas beneath with regard to meeting with and employing the right one.

Interview and Consultation

Lee Headed to a Job Interview a Few Years Ago by the waterfallhunter aka hoganfann

The majority of roofing companies offer free consultations. This is especially important, because it provides them a chance to assess exactly what your roof requirements, also it provides you with a chance to assess them. As with all businesses, believe in instincts concerning the people you allow up on your roof. No matter exactly how great a contractor's reputation or even suggestion, he or she should start by presenting you having a company greeting card. If the service provider arrives searching as well as talking in an unprofessional method, most likely the job he is going to do will also be less than professional. This isn't to express that you ought to expect companies to arrive within suits. They will be hiking in your roofing, so the majority of will be dressed in jeans and work footwear or even sneakers. If the service provider appears to be interested in speaking upon their cell phone during your homes roof than he's in analyzing your roof's needs, which may be an additional indication that he's not really the one to do the job. For the legal safety, be certain that the contractor has adequate liability insurance coverage.

Roofing Evaluation

The Roofs Over Our Heads by Sadi_M

Anticipate that the service provider is going to be rising in your roofing. Actually, any kind of service provider who does not want to go up on your roofing to evaluate the issue ought to be immediately discounted. Those who're seriously interested in their own work will either create a sketching of the roof's surface area as well as tag problem areas on it because they go through their assessment, or they will take photos or even video clip from the surface area while they are up there. This is a very essential action, since it allows you to observe just what the problems are as well as understand how they will be set.


St Teresa's Hospital - early 60s by keroseneian2010

The next phase would be the written estimate. The contractor will require out his loan calculator and come up with a written estimation. Some contractors goes out to their vehicle or van and write up the suggestion, while some may crunch the amounts for the job in front of you. Once you're given the proposal, ensure that you understand exactly which products is going to be used, how long the task will take and if you will find any additional or even concealed expenses that could arise during the repair of the roofing. The service provider will be able to solution many of these questions effortlessly and forewarn a person associated with a additional costs that might be incurred should the roof's integrity end up being broken within.

After you have obtained several written estimates from roofing contractors, assess what every company or even contractor is willing to offer you for the cost. Do not necessarily discount the highest bid, because sometimes the greatest bet will actually be the contractor who the task correctly. Also, be wary associated with prices for bids which are significantly less than others. They may be utilizing inferior products or perhaps be untruthful concerning the possibility of hidden costs. Most importantly, believe in instincts and opt for the actual contractor who enables you to feel quite comfy regarding giving over your hard earned money.


Seven Uyghurs Sentenced to Death


Critics of the sentences say China has politicized the robberies as acts of terrorism.



A Uyghur man walks past armed Chinese security forces in Urumqi, July 17, 2009.

Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang have ordered the executions of seven ethnic minority Uyghur men convicted of "violent" crimes, official media said on Wednesday.


The death sentences were handed down by the Supreme People's Court in recent days, according to state media in the regional capital, Urumqi.


The men were accused in connection with three separate attacks late last year in the Silk Road city of Kashgar, according to the news website Urumqi Online.


According to another website, the Xinjiang-based Tianshan news site, Aimaiti Tuheti, Yiming Dawuti, and unnamed "others" killed a security guard at a pedestrian mall as part of a failed Aug. 7 robbery attempt.


In a separate incident on Oct. 12, it said, Nuermaimaiti Aobulikasimu and 11 others broke into a house, bound and killed the couple living in it, and took their possessions.


It said the group also broke into the homes of two brothers, robbed them, and killed six people in a Nov. 11 attack in Kashgar.


The report gave no information about the victims or the schedule for the executions.


Three of the men were sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve, a sentence that is normally commuted to life imprisonment in China's judicial system.


They were convicted of deliberate homicide and armed robbery by the Kashgar Intermediate People's Court in the first instance.


'Strike hard' campaign


A Han Chinese resident of Urumqi surnamed Yang said a reference to "terrorism" in official news reports on the case showed that it was being politicized by the authorities, who have launched a series of "strike hard" campaigns in Xinjiang following deadly ethnic violence in July 2009.


"There is an implied political meaning; that they were somehow engaged in separatist activities or ethnic divisions," said Yang.


Exile Uyghur groups said the trials had been conducted behind closed doors, with scant opportunity for public scrutiny.


"The entire process against these men, from the trial through to the judgment, was opaque," said Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress.


"There was also very little reasonable evidence to convict them on a legal basis, because all the evidence came from one side of the case," he said.


"We strongly condemn the Chinese government for continuing to pursue their policies of ethnic division," said Raxit.


"We are also strongly opposed to the death penalty in this case."


Earlier cases


Last month, the Supreme Court sentenced four Uyghurs to death for alleged involvement in an Aug. 19 bomb attack in Xinjiang’s western Aksu city.


The World Uyghur Congress pointed to concerns over lack of transparency in those cases too.


The Aksu blast left eight people dead, including two of the bombers, and 15 wounded after a man riding a three-wheeled vehicle threw explosives at a group of uniformed patrolmen. Four Uyghurs were arrested shortly after the attack.


State media characterized the cases as acts of terrorism and unrelated to longstanding ethnic tensions between Uyghurs and Han Chinese in the region.


Exiled Uyghur dissident Rebiya Kadeer has warned that attacks like those in Aksu will continue to occur until Beijing addresses the underlying source of tension in the region.


Millions of Uyghurs—a distinct, Turkic minority who are predominantly Muslim—populate Central Asia and Xinjiang.


Uyghurs say they have long suffered ethnic discrimination, oppressive religious controls, and continued poverty and joblessness despite China's ambitious plans to develop its vast northwestern frontier.


Those frustrations erupted in July 2009 in deadly riots that left nearly 200 people dead, by the Chinese government's tally.


At least 26 people, mostly Uyghurs, were sentenced to death in the aftermath of the riots, many of whom have been executed, according to state media.


China is believed to execute more people each year than the rest of the world’s countries combined, although the government does not publish official figures.


Rights groups say Beijing may execute as many as several thousand prisoners annually.


Chinese authorities blame Uyghur separatists for a series of deadly attacks in recent years and accuse one group in particular of maintaining ties to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.


New training scheme


China on Wednesday also announced a training scheme which places ethnic minority graduates from Xinjiang in work elsewhere in China.


Governments of the destination cities will spend 450 million yuan (U.S.$ 69 million) for the program, while Xinjiang will spend 400 million yuan (U.S.$ 61 million), the official Xinhua news agency reported.


The program targets some 60,000 jobless college graduates in Xinjiang, around 80 percent of whom are from ethnic minorities, and 60 percent of whom are women.


However, some commentators see the move as an attempt to assimilate non-Han Chinese into mainstream Chinese culture.


"From the point of view of ethnic minorities, the graduate work scheme is really taking the cream of youth from the minorities and using them to 'further cultural development,'" wrote one ethnic minority user on a popular microblogging service.


"In fact, the culture that is being advanced is Han culture, and this group of young people will have been totally brainwashed," the microblog update said.


An Urumqi resident surnamed Li agreed.


"They have run senior high school schemes like this before during the past few years," he said.


"Whether it's high-schoolers or graduate training programs, these are measures that are aimed at thought control and brainwashing, and the 'Partification' of their education," he said.


Reported by Qiao Long for RFA's Mandarin service. Translated and written in English by Luisetta Mudie.

Copyright © 1998-2011 Radio Free Asia. All rights reserved.


Wikileaks and also the Uyghur

by holly upon Dec 20, This year
Henryk Szadziewski, Supervisor, Uyghur Human Rights Project

Whether it were actually in doubt, info acquired by the whistleblower web site, Wikileaks, offers confirmed Chinese language federal government worries over its ongoing control of the location it calls Xinjiang, which is also known as East Turkestan. The actual leaked cables from U.Utes. diplomats show the degree that Chinese language government bodies attempt to persuade governments worldwide to adopt it's stance upon issues impacting Uyghurs. The actual cables additionally show the actual United States' issues and sights concerning the on going repressive steps in the area.

uyghur by sarvaz

The majority of illuminating of Chinese language federal government pressure would be the cables directed in order to Chinese frustration, or the specter associated with Chinese language ire, within the release of Uyghur detainees within Guantánamo to third nations. The December Twenty nine, 08 cable applies exactly how Chinese Helper International Minister Liu Jieyi fulfilled using the U.S. Ambassador to China in order to voice Beijing's powerful opposition associated with launch in order to any country apart from The far east, which when the U.Utes. did certainly accede for this request it would "avoid injury to bilateral relations and also to cooperation ‘in essential areas'". Furthermore, the February 2009 cable describes how the Chinese language Ambassador in order to Kyrgyzstan, Zhang Yannian, regarded as the possible release of Uyghur Guantánamo detainees because "an unfavorable behave toward us" and a "slap in the face". That the Ough.S. government was company in not releasing the detainees to China demonstrates the actual degree from the politicized nature from the Chinese language judicial program. Legitimate issues more than terrorism are easy to understand, but in the actual Ough.Utes. government's observe the detainees would most likely face do-it-yourself torture and delivery if they returned in order to The far east

Chinese federal government stress in regard to the actual Uyghur Guantánamo detainees was not just put on the actual Ough.S. government, but additionally to New Zealand and a handful of European governments which were thinking about resettlement. Albania, Germany and Finland, in addition to European Union fellow member says all have the symptoms of paid for the actual impact of Chinese federal government unhappiness. Regarding Germany, that was initially prepared to think about two Uyghurs upon solely humanitarian grounds, Uyghur Guantánamo instances had been less better than additional detainees due to the negative effects accepting Uyghurs would have on relations along with The far east. A May Eight, '09 cable television applies exactly how "German Ambassador Erina Schaefer reported that Germany experienced informed China of the Ough.Utes. ask for to simply accept a few Uighur detainees held from Guantánamo coupled with already been consequently cautioned through The far east associated with ‘a heavy burden on bilateral relations' if Germany had been to accept any kind of detainees".

The actual diplomatic cables also talk about the unrest within Urumchi, the actual local funds, in July '09. A July 13, 2009 cable discussing bulk incidents within The far east says:

"Ethnic riots like those in Xinjiang July 5-7 and in Tibet in March of 08 vary markedly in source and character from mass occurrences, XXXXXXXXXXXX emphasized to PolOff [Political Officer] upon XXXXXXXXXXXX. Both existing severe trouble for the Celebration, XXXXXXXXXXXX said, but the Party management would not hesitate to spread out fire on Uighurs or even Tibetans if they deemed it essential to restore purchase. Bulk occurrences pose a different type of threat, he said, as the management is actually ‘afraid' to fireplace on Han rioters with regard to fear of causing huge public outrage that will change against the Party."

This can be a relaxing viewpoint, especially when one views evidence presented in two reports released this season by the Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) as well as Amnesty International which fine detail eyewitness accounts from the use of deadly live fire towards Uyghur protestors in July '09. Additionally, the declaration which fire wouldn't be deployed towards Han Chinese protestors has resonances for the different approach taken through Chinese language protection forces in Urumchi in order to Han Chinese language protests within September '09. Throughout individuals protests, then Party Assistant, Wang Lequan, addressed protesters, that experienced required he inform them regarding federal government responses to protection issues. An identical request to meet using the Celebration Secretary through Uyghur protesters in This summer wasn't met.

The actual wider repercussions of the unrest additionally noticed a short dialogue about the impact it would possess on Iran-China relations, as well as on relations with Australia following Globe Uyghur Congress President, Ms. Rebiya Kadeer, spoke in the Nationwide Press Membership in Canberra in August '09. In the latter case, the Chinese federal government "privately warn[ed] a major Aussie financial institution which sponsors the nation's Push Club to use it's impact to bar the Kadeer talk there".

The actual U . s . States' concerns about the scenario within the Uyghur area are available via within the cables. In a dialogue on plan direction in Tibet, U.Utes. authorities clarify that it will end up being impossible with regard to Chinese language frontrunners to consider the softer collection "if they look like doing this under worldwide pressure". The actual cable television out dated 04 16, 08, one month following the episode associated with unrest within Tibetan regions, additionally relayed the observation "that domestic stability continues to be leadership's main concern above all else, meaning there'll ‘almost surely' be absolutely no rest of the current hard collection upon Tibet or in locations such as Xinjiang." The info included in the cable additionally storage sheds gentle about the extreme level of sensitivity that china federal government sights territorial ethics, and also the possible spill more than of unrest from Tibet.

The chance associated with methods to stress within Tibet and Xinjiang as a result of municipal society tend to be discussed inside a Feb Twenty-four, 08 cable television. Whilst suggesting that China's economic success will increase it's resistance to democratic reform, the cable television also discusses exactly how Chinese frontrunners see the usefulness associated with "a limited expansion associated with civil culture, such as enhancements within the rule of regulation along with a stronger part for authorized religions, NGOs, non profit organizations along with other stars within places that contribute to social balance and do not problem Communist Party guideline." This can be a significant change in considering, that has observed U.S. authorities promote the notion that Chinese language financial development, as well as economic relationships along with The far east brings about a steadily democratic culture; however, more faith seems to be put into a grassroots motion than one which starts in the top levels of the Chinese government. Nonetheless, the actual cable television concludes that "[i]n places such as Tibet and Xinjiang, the fear of separatism leads to tight limitations about the growth of municipal society." This method is viewed as counter-productive by the official, who shows that the U.S. federal government "should continue to express...serious concerns over Beijing's individual rights report and attract China's developing consciousness that greater respect with regard to individual rights, religious independence and also the guideline of law assists to advertise the improvement as well as social stability which China looks for as well as to enhance China's international picture." This type of strategy might take considerable diplomatic skills considering "China's weird fear that the Usa privately encourages routine change as well as ‘separatists' in Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang".

The cables offer understanding of the every day business associated with diplomacy that is hardly ever owned by everyone, which is interesting to note the quantity of function carried out nowadays upon Uyghur issues. The importance of the part of the United States as a keep track of of Uyghur individual rights problems in personal discussions is made clear, and contrasts with its sensible open public stance. Employees of the Uyghur Individual Rights Project is actually comfortable with the pressure china federal government exerts upon Uyghur activists; still, the details associated with Chinese language federal government pressure on it's counterparts is actually illustrative from the diploma that Chinese authorities make an effort to suppress contradictory stories. With increased facts in the future through Wikileaks, issues more than Uyghurs might not grab the head lines, however the wires possess shed new gentle about the documentation of human privileges conditions within the Uyghur area.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Search Engine Marketing And Article promotion Will Place Yourself Page One

Search engine marketing and article promotion are two of the strongest strategies that can be used to promote your internet site and get the revenue and success that you desire for your web business. Both of these stuff has been around for a really while already nevertheless they still still be really effective. In fact, these have helped many people free themselves in the traditional methods for money-generating options of society.

In this article, I will be showing the ways on how it is possible to properly execute seo and article promotion for the betterment of one's business web site. In addition, I will even be discussing the various points you need to look out for if you are using these two online marketing strategies to promote your website and acquire customers. Despite the fact that article marketing and Search engine marketing have been in existence for a long time already, you have to know that the trends and choices as to how they are carried out are continually changing, and that's why you should remain up to date with these items through the help of Seo forum sites to enable you to quickly adjust and discover ways to make your strategies more efficient.

In the past marketing with articles to various web-sites used to be so simple the effects that they produce for web-sites really was powerful. However, stuff has changed a lot today. Nowadays submitting the identical article to various websites is not a good idea because engines like google have now changed with a huge extent in how they rank pages. They no longer rank contents which are identical like they used to in the past. This is the most effective samples of changes that exist in web marketing trends. This change has given birth to wide plethora of methods that internet marketers are using today. The majority of internet marketers now produce articles and distribute them in really popular article submission sites and wait for targeted visitors to make their pages. Perhaps that most reliable Search engine marketing strategy that you can use. Aside from being effective, and also this delivers favorable outcomes frequently. The only issue using this technique is that the caliber of traffic that you'll get from this defintely won't be so good if you do not do proper keyphrase research beforehand and use in-links. You first need for attending these two things prior to deciding to submit your articles so that you won't find yourself losing huge amounts of targeted prospects. Because of this you must practice good levels of diligence if you want your advertising initiatives to be effective.

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There are numerous things to take into account when looking for a new roofing contractor. Price tag, experience, as well as referrals are a handful of the things you will likely be concerned about. Keep reading for even other great ideas.

  • Finding a Roofers

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Before searching for a roofing contractor, be sure to have a general idea of the job that you need to have done. By no means is it necessary to be an expert. If you have a new Roof Certification, read it extensively to find the information about your current roof. If you do not have a Roof Certificate, talk about documents closed during concluding to locate your homes Inspection page. These documents should provide everything you need to learn about your roof. Prior to contacting any roofing contractor, you need to have a list of specifications and requirements to help you decide exactly who works for your roofer project. Be sure you write down each and every potential roofer contractor's answers along with check these against the other person. If there are any discrepancies, be sure to be aware this and also take this into consideration when generating a final choice. There are no surefire ways to go with a roofing contractor, but when you take take to the details provided, your odds of a successful roofer project are generally greatly superior.

One of the best methods for finding a roofers is by word of mouth. Try wondering a friend or relative that has had roofer work performed, and ended up being satisfied with the project. Get the brand of the organization and his or her contact info. If you have no word of mouth referrals, test first searching in the mobile phone book an internet-based. A large ad or extravagant website is not necessarily indication of the high quality of work, but could be a excellent tool regarding measuring just how long and commitment they have put in their respected profession. Additionally, try finding current worksites and appear at the covering work that's done or in the process of getting finished. Should you be visually satisfied, ask the exact property manager for your name of the roofing contractor and their contact information.

  • Preliminary research

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When looking for any roofing contractors, it really is imperative to very first do your own background research. Costly in the yellow pages or on the Internet is a suitable spot to find a company, finding essential information on most of these businesses is going to be found in many areas. Initial, check with spots like the Better Business Bureau, city, state, and region public records, as well as local certification agencies. Request your roofer if they are a member of any roofing contractor associations. These types of precautions will certainly mitigate the risks. In addition ask them what types of roofing they specialize in. Also ask your own roofing contractor with regards to any warranties they offer on their installed homes. Find out what safety measures they decide to try avoid destruction done to the rest of the home by workers. Products such as gutters, house siding, and chimneys are near the coast proximity and for that reason susceptible to random damages.

Make certain all of this details are included in your created contract. Determine if you need a roofer permit and/or choice from your home owners association ahead of time. These agencies will let you know who is responsible for getting these allows and authorizations. If it is the obligation of the roofing contractor, also have the idea included inside your contract. If it is your responsibility, get said permits and also permissions collated with the estimated roof covering project and still have it plainly posted or readily available.

  • Accreditation and Professional references

Roofing Companies are not forced to be qualified in all claims. Contact nearby licensing businesses that control general design contractors for the list of demands. Once you have obtained the requirements, develop a list of comprehensive questions to ask the potential roofing contractor. This simple checklist should right away help you to get rid of the qualified from the dodgy roofing contractors. Qualified contractors should be able to easily answer questions as well as tell you that they must do even more research prior to giving any definitive response.

Even if the roofing contractor provides all needed licensing, you ought to ask to find out pictures of completed covering jobs along with speak to happy clients. Possess a list of concerns handy to inquire about recent consumers, such as the character of the work, timeliness, and all round satisfaction. Ensure these are recent clients as well as cross reference point if possible. In the case of commercial roofing, make sure that the roofing contractor can be bonded. Checking out these personal references is another extra measure of safety to narrow down the list regarding potential roof covering contractors.

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Little about the Uyghur People

In the center of the desert landscapes of Taklamakan, in the northern-western part of China, the land of Xinjiang is a very least populated province whereas it covers close to a sixth of the nation's area. Getting resisted during generations the chinese control, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, or Old Eastern Turkestan, fell into under the Chinese Han domination in 1949. From then, its population is generally Uyghurs and Turkic - speaking System.

Uyghur boys, Bazaar, Niya / Minfeng, Xinjiang, China by centralasiatraveler

Islamic especially, the Uyghurs have a solid religious identification which, in particular, permitted them to keep a solid big difference towards the Chinese invader. Definitely, the Uyghur Empire of Mongolia knew a brilliant civilization, until its absorption by the Mongolian Empire in the XIIIth century.

Turpan village grave marker by Mutantfrog

During their own background, the Uyghur People successively adopted Shamanism, Manicheism, Buddhism and the Nestorianism before lastly moving to Islam when the Arab conquerors beat the Chinese in year 751 BC., as a result starting the way to the Islamization of the entire Central Asia.

Under the effect of the beliefs which they taken, Uyghur People taken successively, and sometimes in a competing way, a great number of written forms (turco-runic, brahmi, tokharien, soghdien) before developing their own unique graphic system.

Arabic 001 by Rich Go

The arrival of Islam was a great modification simply because it was followed by the assimilation of the Uyghur land in the immense Turco-Mongolian and Muslim Kingdom. Thus, the descendants of Genghis Khan slowly replaced their writing by a Arabo-Persan alphabet, still used at present.

If their writing, their language and their religion mark a real big difference with the culture of Chinese Han, the Uyghurs also are different from their aspect, so characteristic of Central Asia's people. A matt skin, eyes representing a whole pallet of colors, from black to deep blue, features pointing out to the Mongolian, Turkish or Uzbek origins of these men and these women.

CH9-313.jpg by herwigphoto.com

For a few years, China has included the proper identity of these remote people, though they represent only 9 million people - a little for this immense area. So, Uyghur people are now part of the 56 racial minority groups having been recognized in an official way by the People's Republic of China.

This particular statute allows them a few rights in a land where their difference is very often repressed. Thus, Uyghur people escape the "single child policy" and their language is accepted as the second official language in Xinjiang.

The integration of the Uyghurs and their culture in China, however, looks quite illusory. The presence of all natural sources in Xinjiang, and its distance with locations well-known as sensitive, clearly urged the government to accelerate the sinicization of this area. Million of Han thus came to settle in this new Chinese eldorado, monopolizing the more significant responsibility job opportunities.

In response to this true will to assimilate the Uyghurs into the Chinese culture, an independent party like East Turkistan Islamic Movement(ETIM) was born in the early 1990.

Asserting more freedom, but in particular the acceptance of their true identity, this movement was seriously repressed by the power authorities in area Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

The situations of September 11, 2001, were the perfect occasion for the Chinese government to justify true reprisals: they declared the "Uyghur freedom fighters" as dangerous terrorists linked to Al Quaida because of their Muslim origins and their proximity with Pakistan and Afghanistan... However, the terrible repression which followed did not calm down the anger. The Uyghur peoples population continues today to proudly keep their identity and their traditions , although they become a minority on their own land.

To get more information about the Uyghurs, you can visit a Uyghur website called Uyghur News at http://www.uyghurnews.com

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Website seo training can be quite helpful

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foreclosure report

We pointed last week to an analysis by Lynn Syzmoniak that showed that foreclosures across a number of different servicers were way down in January 2011 versus the same period in January 2010. This was admittedly a tally in only two Florida counties, but she indicated that a quick look at other counties in Florida showed a similar pattern.

So the question then becomes: is this a Florida only development, due perhaps in part the fact that all the big foreclosure mills in the state are under investigation by the state AG and are imploding (as in losing clients and shedding staff)? Or is this a broader trend due to the robo signing scandal leading judges being more receptive to arguments about chain of title and validity of transfers? Before, the assumption was “bank right, borrower trying to abuse the law to stay in house”. Now more judges, seeing that banks have run roughshod over legal requirements, are prepared to give borrower arguments a hearing. That forces banks to up their game, which in turn may be the real driver for this apparent slowdown in foreclosure actions. If that was the main driver in Florida, we’d expect to see similar patterns in other states.

We are seeing analogous developments, but the drivers appear to be state specific, as judges give adverse rulings on common practices in foreclosure land. Reader wc4d pointed to a report in the Portland Oregonian, that lenders are withdrawing cases because five court decisions have found that lenders that used MERS violated state recording laws.

This is a vivid illustration of a point made in an article on MERS yesterday by Gretchen Morgenson:

MERS was flawed at conception, those critics say. The bankers who midwifed its birth hired Covington & Burling, a prominent Washington law firm, to research their proposal. Covington produced a memo that offered assurances that MERS could operate legally nationwide. No one, however, conducted a state-by-state study of real estate laws.

“They didn’t do the deep homework,” said an official involved in those discussions who spoke on condition of anonymity because he has clients involved with MERS. “So as far as anyone can tell their real theory was: ‘If we can get everyone on board, no judge will want to upend something that is reasonable and sensible and would screw up 70 percent of loans.’ ”

As we’ve also noted, recording clerks in single counties in Massachusetts and North Carolina are looking into how to recover recording fees from MERS, but the cost of litigation means they’d need other counties in the same states to join or the state attorney general to take up the matter. By contrast, the Oregon decisions don’t hit small fry MERS; they are a big problem for the banks themselves. As the Oregonian reports:

Sales of hundreds of foreclosed homes in Oregon have been halted or withdrawn in recent weeks after federal judges repeatedly questioned their legality, according to a number of real estate attorneys in the state.

Lenders have withdrawn more than 300 foreclosure sales since February in Deschutes County alone, one of the Oregon area’s hardest hit by the housing collapse. About 130 of those notices were filed in the past week, attorneys say.

Dozens of foreclosure listings by ReconTrust Co., the foreclosure arm of Bank of America Corp., have disappeared from its website, attorneys say…

Since October, federal judges in five separate Oregon cases have halted foreclosures involving MERS, saying its participation caused lenders to violate the state’s recording law. Three of those decisions came last month, the key one in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Eugene.

Attorneys say it’s not clear whether lenders in Oregon will simply start over or head to court to foreclose, steps that could prolong the crisis for months and drive up costs, attorneys say. Some suggest lenders might not have access to the documents they need to comply with state law.

“A lot of us are questioning whether there is a solution,” said David Ambrose, a Portland attorney who represents lenders in mortgage transactions. “It’s pretty amazing. There are a lot of unanswered questions.” ….

In Oregon, lenders can foreclose without going to court. But state law also requires that the loan’s ownership history, or assignments, be recorded with local county governments before proceeding with a nonjudicial foreclosure.

In the Eugene court case, Donald E. McCoy III filed for bankruptcy protection in part to block U.S. Bank from foreclosing on his Central Point home. He then sued the bank and MERS, along with his original lender BNC Mortgage Inc., claiming they had not properly recorded BNC’s subsequent sale of the loan to investors.

Chief Bankruptcy Judge Frank R. Alley III found McCoy’s allegation persuasive and refused to grant the bank’s request for a dismissal.

“Oregon law permits foreclosure without the benefit of judicial proceeding only when the interest of the beneficiary (lender) is clearly documented in a public record,” Alley wrote. “When the public record is lacking, the foreclosing beneficiary must prove its interest in a judicial proceeding.”

This looks like an epic fail for the banks, at least in Oregon. To save maybe $50 on recording fees, they are now going to have to go to court to foreclose. And worse for them will be cases where the records don’t pass muster. Recall that servicers advance principal and interest to investors when borrowers become delinquent. They then reimburse themselves out of the foreclosure proceeds. No foreclosure and they are out a lot of dough.

As Morgenson’s source indicated, the banks brazenly assumed that the courts would simply roll over rather than block the extra-legal imposition of a new system. But there is enough of a semblance of rule of law in the US to undermine all the cost savings and corners-cutting they engaged in. Recall this recent New York decision:

This court does not accept the argument that because MERS may be involved with 50 percent of all residential mortgages in the country, that is reason enough for this court to turn a blind eye to the fact that this process does not comply with the law.

The courts are delivering the banks an unrelenting series of deserved unkind cuts. This is getting to be interesting, and for a change, in a good way.

I noticed that the only unhonorable witness in the list is Mr. John Walsh.  It makes one wonder what characteristic the “honorable” witnesses have in common.

Nathan Martin on Nathan’s Economic Edge tells it like it really is, Bernanke's "testimony" and Congress be confined to Hell:

“When will Americans learn that banks (‘a “Fed” throwing trillions at its banking members’) don’t create jobs?  We need to throw the ‘Fed’ out the window (many members belong in prison) and take back the power to create money.  That is the only way true employment is ever going to increase…not one new net job (over the past decade by charting an increasing population against a declining number of people who actually have jobs) for all the trillions of debt, that’s called Debt Saturation, or as some people are calling it now ‘the Keynesian End Point.’  No matter what you call it, it’s the point were there is so much debt (profiting the bankers) that incomes can no longer support the debt.  Thus we have zero interest rates and money creation now billions every single day.  But no new jobs

“…Just inflation – that profits you know WHO.

“Surprise!  The CPI comes in ‘hotter than expected.’ By who?  The truth is that inflation is many times, as in multiples, higher than data released by the ‘Fed.’  Still, headline CPI came in a .4% for the month of January’; that is an annualized rate of 4.5%.  And that’s less than the .5% reported for December, but is more than the .3% expected. ‘Core,’ less food and energy, came in at .2%, and the ‘Fed’ reports that because it removes the volatility, lol, as if people don’t need food or energy.  And the insidious truth is that as food and energy increase in price while wages stagnate, they consume a greater percentage of one’s income over time, and thus should be weighted MORE, not less.  C’est las vie…revolution is in the air…

“No, interest rates can’t rise.  That is not unless you wish to crash the entire debt saturated planet.  Welcome to the impossible math created the day the ‘Fed’ stole the people’s rightful ability to control the production of money.  Interest expense, from that day forward, went to benefit a few individuals instead of the general good of the people.  Thus our money system is not ours.  Note the word ‘Note’ printed on every bill inside of your wallet.  That term denotes a LOAN, it is not money, the ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ is not Federal, they possess no reserves when marked to reality,. And they are not even a bank.  And then we wonder why we have no jobs, we’re losing our homes, and what jobs we have are all menial.

“We have the ‘freedom’ to pursue happiness, yet we wonder through life producing nothing of meaning, not really happy, failing to advance humanity, while we await the next shoe to be dropped – American spectator style.  Quite the reality show…  Perhaps we can all stage a virtual sit in – somewhat Egyptian style?  Of course if we all stopped our current ‘productive efforts’ I wonder if anyone would even notice? 

“But since inflation is so ‘low’ then the ‘Fed’ can justify their continued printing of trillions, right?  But what if we simply measured inflation like we did in the year 1980, before the several administrations tinkered with it?  Well, that’s how John Williams at ShadowStats tracks inflation, and he says inflation traced that way is pushing 10%."


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Monday, March 14, 2011

Making Money Work

I know that memories are short on Wall Street. But are they short on Main Street too? Reading Linda Stern’s latest paean to leverage and housing risk, it certainly seems that way. Saving for a down payment is hard, she says. It can take time!

And that doesn’t seem to pay. If you think about the cost of paying rent for five or more years, you may be better off jumping into a home with a low down payment now. That’s true even if you have to spend more money on fees and mortgage insurance to get one of those low down payment loans.

Well, yes, let’s think about the cost of paying rent for five or more years. In fact, let’s plug all our numbers into a rent-vs-buy calculator and see where we’re at after five years. The problem with Linda’s formulation here is that it helps to reinforce the common fallacy that 100% of rent payments are “wasted,” in a way that mortgage payments are not. But that’s simply not true. In both cases you’re paying money every month for your shelter; in the rental case that money goes to the landlord, while in the ownership case it goes to the bank.

Some small part of your monthly payment may or may not end up helping you build equity in your home, if house prices move up rather than down and depending on how much of your payment goes towards principal. But remember that the alternative here is saving up for a down payment — which is essentially the same thing as building up equity in a future home. If you save up $250 per month for five years and then put down $15,000 as a down payment, then you immediately start off with $15,000 of equity in your home. By contrast, if you buy today with no money down and start making mortgage payments, there’s a good chance your equity will be much less than $15,000 in five years’ time.

But Linda’s on a roll here, and manages to come out with one of the most astonishing pieces of personal-finance advice I’ve seen since the crisis hit:

Even if you have the money for a bigger down payment, there can be good reasons to save your cash. Mortgage rates continue to skirt all-time lows: Why not put your money to work for yourself and borrow as much as you can reasonably afford, on a monthly basis, at today’s rates? You can put the money you’re not paying into a down payment to work elsewhere. If home values rise, you will have done your best to leverage a small down payment into bigger equity. If they fall, you’ll have less skin in the game, and that could put more pressure on your banker to improve your loan terms lest you walk away.

This, in a nutshell, is everything that was wrong with the housing market before the crash — everything that we want to avoid going forward. Can’t Linda look around at the current devastated state of many people who bought with little or no money down, and see the dangers here? Evidently not. Instead, she seems to think it’s a bright idea to borrow more money than you need, to the point at which you’re pushing the envelope of what you can reasonably afford. And then take the cash you’re not using for a down payment, and “put your money to work for yourself.”

I barely know where to start on this. Here’s one way of thinking about it: banks are not charities, and that they expect to make money from their loans. They have a cost of funds which is lower than the mortgage rate that you’re paying; the difference between the two rates is their profit. You, however, if you follow Linda’s advice, have a cost of funds which is your mortgage rate: if you wind up getting a lower return on your savings than you’re paying on your mortgage, you would have been better off just using the money for a down payment. Needless to say, if there was an easy way of getting a higher return on capital than the mortgage rate, the banks would have done it already, rather than lending you the money. And it’s pretty delusional, frankly, to think that you can invest better than say JP Morgan. Yes, there are tax benefits to having lots of mortgage-interest payments. But they’re not sufficient to make the difference here.

Here’s another way: let’s say you own your home outright. Would you take out a mortgage against 95% of your home’s present market value, and then invest that money in the market somehow, trying to “put it to work for yourself “? Of course not: you don’t have remotely that kind of risk appetite. Borrowing money against your house to invest in the market is, always, stupid. But that’s exactly what Linda’s proposing you do.

And here’s one more: shit happens. Sometimes, you end up needing money, in an emergency. If you’re already borrowing as much as you can reasonably afford, that’s a big problem. If you have a bit of fiscal breathing room, you’re much better off. If you end up in a situation where you’re in a position to put pressure on your banker to improve your loan terms lest you walk away, that’s not a good situation to be in. It means you’re broke. It’s something you want to avoid, whereas in Linda World it seems to be something to actively court.

Linda’s also convinced that house prices are going to rise: if you buy now rather than later, she writes, that means you’re buying “while housing prices are low.” That’s debatable — they still seem quite expensive, on some measures: the price-to-rent ratio, for instance, is still well above its historical average. And more generally, buying low doesn’t help you in the slightest if prices just continue to grind lower.

Linda’s conclusion is that “the less you put down, the better off you are.” Which is true so long as you keep on making all your mortgage payments without any problem, and nothing goes very wrong either with your personal economic situation or with the US economy as a whole. That’s the way that leverage works: it makes everything sunny, so long as things go right. And then it plunges you into misery when things go wrong.

The scariest part of Linda’s post, for me, is when she talks about how it’s a good idea to “do your best to leverage a small down payment into bigger equity.” It’s not the dollar amount of the equity she’s talking about here, it’s the leverage used to get there, and the higher the leverage the better off you are. Following that advice got us into our current mess. And taking it now is a recipe for disaster.

By Richard Smith, a recovering capital markets IT specialist

Housing Wire’s Paul Jackson has another post up continuing his row with Yves over securitization chain of title issues. It presents itself as a rebuttal of her previous post, about an Alabama trial court decision that Jackson deems to be a significant defeat, but which Yves and more recently Adam Levitin have argued is both insignificant and not very relevant.

Normally I’d leave the two of them to slug it out. However, Jackson’s weekend submission, in which he says he is “going to address her latest talking points” piqued my interest. Rather than addressing any of the substance of the post itself, he mounts a bizarre attack on the motives of the attorneys behind the Alabama case, based on a pretty peculiar interpretation of one of Yves’ comments to the post. The comment:

Are you kidding? Each side spent over $250K on this case. Trials where you are making real legal arguments, as opposed to presenting papers for a judge to approve, are costly. And Alabama billing rates are a lot lower than in other states. For borrower’s counsel, since the borrower has no money, the “spent” is what their time was worth plus hard dollar expenses (experts witnesses and so on). They are out the real out of pocket real costs.

The banks’ lawyer gets paid, so yes, this is an epic fail for the bank. I’ve mentioned this in other posts. The more borrowers fight cases, the more loss severities are gonna rise. Investors already are losing 70% on the average foreclosure and housing prices are projected to fall further in most states this year. If on top of that they start having more cases with 300% losses on foreclosure, investors might wake up and finally do something a lot more serious to pressure servicers.

Sooo…bank attorneys run up a tab fighting a foreclosure in a pretty obscure courthouse, that results in a 300% loss to investors, when all the borrower’s attorney wanted was the house back and a loan modification. The big numbers are the result of the bank attorney’s posture, and of eleventh hour moves that many judges would have rejected: introducing an allonge on the eve of the trial. This was clearly a bad economic result for the borrowers’ attorney! It was not hard to see that the trial had become a war of escalation, with the bank’s attorney in an ideal position to up the ante. The post makes clear that unlike the bank’s lawyers, borrower’s counsel was “out”, in hard dollar terms, vastly less than the total, which would have to include the opportunity cost of unpaid for billing time.

For Jackson this somehow becomes the basis for a statement of his worldview: that everyone is greedy, ergo these attorneys must be too! In his own words:

Morality and the accompanying emotions to that noble love of justice are simply a varnish for the fires of greed. In other words, everything is about the money, and if you can find a viable angle to make more of it than someone else. And I mean everything.

Taking guidance from this exceedingly dubious, indeed self-refuting claim (if it’s all about the money, we can’t trust Jackson either, can we?) is quite foolish. In fact Jackson doesn’t really believe it either: elsewhere in his oeuvre, we find a bizarre exception to his rule:

Believe it or not, mortgage servicing is a noble industry. Or, at least, it’s supposed to be. Even in managing borrower defaults and repossessing property, there is something noble to the work, underneath it all — and it comes from following the law, enforcing contracts, ensuring that our nation’s system of property rights maintains its integrity for all Americans.

Though it could be that he’s just slapping a spot of varnish, on some fires of greed, for the money; I do hope that varnish isn’t flammable, Mr Jackson, or you may decide you are underpaid.

At any rate, armed only with his distractingly inept imagery and his defective moral compass, Jackson sets out on a fishing trip, in his latest, and gets hopelessly lost almost immediately:

Yves tries to suggest that in writing about the Congress case I was claiming “Mission Accomplished,” attempting to associate me with an infamous Dubya moment during the far-from-over war in Iraq. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have the attention span of a gnat, you might take this at face value. On the other hand, the very next sentence says this:

Yves spends a fair amount of time suggesting that the effect of the Congress case elsewhere will be muted, if it has any effect all. In attempting to minimize the relevance of this case, however, what she misses is an important reality: that the defense here saw fit to mount one in the first place.

So make your mind up, Mr Jackson: is the case widely relevant or not?

Or was the choice of court and case, perchance, simply something of a goof by some attorneys looking to develop a theory that might have more lucrative applications? That’s one sensible conclusion you could draw, and a basic step in puzzling that out, that does not even occur to Jackson, is doing some minimal research and actually looking up the plaintiff’s lawyers. And the idea that deep pockets types would go to of all places Alabama, not exactly known for cutting edge jurisprudence or friendliness to consumers, and hire two no-name attorneys to represent a black borrower, is beyond belief. If you are Jackson, though, you skip the homework, or the sanity check, and go for the ASF paranoia:

In many ways, the plight of the distressed borrower is a convenient lever to pull if — for example— you’re a buyside Wall Street firm that decided to load up with cheap nonagency mortgage-backed securities in the wake of the market’s collapse, betting on a mechanism that could open the door to damage claims and settlements worth more than the securities themselves. Or maybe a mortgage insurer looking for novel ways to repudiate claims en masse.

I’m not at all suggesting that’s what went on here…

I have a suggestion straight back at Mr Jackson: if you want to not suggest something, the best way is simply not to make the suggestion. Otherwise, it looks as if you’re trying to have it both ways.  Keeping the accusation vague is a smart move, admittedly, if you happen to be a bit clueless and not very brave. Bill Gross for one has made the trade that Jackson mentions, but does Jackson actually mean Bill Gross? He doesn’t say. Perhaps he doesn’t want Bill Gross on his case.

Yves by contrast doesn’t care a bit, roundly dissing Mr Gross’s self interested utterances. Ultimately, Jackson is too vague to be interesting here: it’s just a smear. As for the mortgage insurer theory: there’s no evidence for that either; just Tom Adam’s prior employment history and his occasional contributions at this blog. Mortgage insurers can make claims directly, on the very same theory that Naked Capitalism and the Congressional Oversight Panel have discussed. They have no reason to test a theory on a case in a largely irrelevant jurisdiction. And there are business reasons that the monolines are going the putback case route rather than this one. Remember that most of the MBS exposure (excluding CDOs) that monolines have is via HELOCs or second liens. That may put them in a position similar to that of the big banks: unwilling to take action on the first lien mortgages for fear of write downs on the second liens.

Yes, Bill Gross and MBIA and others are out there. And if they want to work the legals to make some money, or claw some back, they, or others like them, will. It’s really hard to see why the output of “Naked Capitalism” would so heavily in their ruminations as to be worth paying for (if that is what Jackson’s insinuating: he doesn’t seem to be able to bring himself to spell it out).

All of this stuff of Jackson’s is irrelevant and pretty much content-free;  but still, it’s an interesting glimpse of sell-side anxieties.

So what really matters about this case? Three things: the unfortunate Erica Congress, who has had her hopes dashed twice over now, once when she couldn’t pay her mortgage and a second time when she was turfed out of her house; and two blithe but pernicious affirmations by the judge: first, that an allonge doesn’t have to be affixed to the note, which just opens up the floodgates for document fabrication, and second that “digital signatures” are valid endorsements to the note.

Unfortunately, neither Jackson nor the judge seem to grasp the difference between a digital signature, “a mathematical scheme for demonstrating the authenticity of a digital message or document”, as Wikipedia has it, and a digitally reproduced signature, a simulacrum that can be knocked up in minutes by any sad sack in a servicer that can use Photoshop, Word, and a laser printer, and doesn’t authenticate anything at all, least of all a transfer of title. Using 21st century technology to recreate a state of screwed-up title that hasn’t existed in anglophone countries since the mid-17th century is nothing to crow about, Mr Jackson. As a citizen of the US, it ought to make your blood run cold. It’s not just about the money.

At any rate, the more this stuff is talked about, the more lawyers (in less frivolous jurisdictions) will furrow their brows about the damage being done to the integrity of basic property transfers. So we will keep the pot boiling.

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